Welcome to my website! My name is Dave Mersky. That's my beautiful bride standing on the other side of LOVE. I hope you find the website to be well organized and loaded with information. This business about retirement planning can be complex at times because there are so many factors to consider.

I earned a doctorate in Adult Education from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, in 1998. Five years later I became involved in sales and education within the Insurance and Financial Services industries. I've been at it ever since.

I have presented how to best access medical insurance benefits to employees all over Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kansas.  I became active explaining Medicare health insurance in 2005, and have completed at least 300 hours of certification training. I am a Medicare recipient, and I'm glad to share my personal experiences with both Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans. I helped design a 4 hour presentation that was mandatory for employees to take before working in Affordable Care Act call centers. I presented this course to hundreds of workers. I've volunteered the past three years at the Schmieding Medical Education center in Springdale, AR as a group leader of a "Welcome to Medicare" presentation I designed.

The past couple of years, when it wasn't Medicare annual enrollment time, I had the good fortune of working with four investment experts whose combined experience exceeds 70 years. This  helped me meld investment theory with the mechanics of running an investment business. Even though I was first licensed to sell securities about 2004, I decided that I really didn't know my "stuff" well enough to risk having the onus on me if they lost money. So, I sat on the sidelines until I discovered that help was available by joining a reputable registered investment advisory firm who can assist in designing and choosing portfolio managers for my clients. Now, I've taken that one step further by specializing in Socially Responsible Investing.

The lovely woman in the photograph above is my wife, Harriet. We moved to the great state of Arkansas from the Houston area in December of 1982. In Houston, Harriet managed a dance supply shop, and I was self employed as a spray-on insulation and fireproofing contractor. Harriet knows as much about cooking as anyone I've ever known. I have a pretty good general understanding of contracting fundamentals.

I earned a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics in 1989 and a master's degree in Agronomy in 1992. While I attended school, Harriet's reputation and demand as a fine cook was growing. We remodeled an old farm house on three acres, built a commercial kitchen, and operated a private event facility known as the North Forty Bed & Breakfast for 9 years. I helped Harriet with with various parts of the business, but as my role diminished I identified a longing to help people better understand what really was important to them - spending their money wisely.

I have expertise in Adult Education theory, earned a certificate online in Financial Planning from The University of Georgia in 2014,  earned the Chartered Advisor of Senior Living (CASL) designation in 2015 from the American College of Financial Services, the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) designation in 2019, and hold various types of insurance and investment licenses.

My office is located in the Paradise Point office building on the southwest corner of Joyce and Crossover Rd in Fayetteville. The front door faces Crossover. My office is the first one on the right. The address is 2907 E Joyce Blvd; Ste 5; Fayetteville, AR 72703

Call Dave at 1-479-442-8585